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Projects are at the heart of VISION PLAST’s success.

We can monitor your projects from the design stage through to the industrialisation of your plastic products.

From the design phase onwards, our design office can provide design advice, feasibility studies, technical and economic optimisation and prototyping, either on its own or with partners.

An innovative approach, a single point of contact to manage your project, our design office, injection tools developed and tested in France and produced, if necessary, in LCC are our assets to support you.

Project management

Our qualified team (project managers, metrologists, quality specialists) is on hand to give you the best possible advice on mould design, while complying with the constraints and imperatives of your specifications. Responsive and able to make suggestions, they will actively support you throughout your product's "project phase".

Design & Mold design

After validating the specifications and the feasibility study, we entrust the production of the mould to our mould-making partners in France, Europe and Asia, selected for the quality of their tooling. This network enables us to adapt as closely as possible to your constraints and requirements - whether related to budget or project schedule. Depending on your needs, the mould can be preceded by the design of a prototype mould.


Our qualified team uses top-of-the-range equipment. The equipment enables us to carry out reliable and comprehensive checks on parts, both during the "project phase" and during ongoing production checks.

Production of technical and appearance parts

With over 15 years' experience in plastic injection moulding, our two sites now operate 28 presses ranging from 40t to 550t, dedicated to the production of technical or appearance parts, mainly for the automotive industry, but also for industry and the building trade. With a view to continuous improvement, we are always seeking to optimise and perfect our production processes, in particular by regularly renewing our fleet of presses and investing in high-performance tools and high-quality accessories.


Built in 2020 on the La Flèche site, the 160m2 assembly workshop houses a team of a dozen people, dedicated to the manual, semi-automatic or automatic assembly of finished products. The processes are varied and include component insertion, adhesive bonding, film application, gluing, pad printing and special packaging.

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