Set-Up Technician (M/F)

39h shift: 5am-1pm / 1pm-9pm / 9pm-5am

39-hour shift with 4 hours paid overtime 30-minute paid break


Assemble tools on production equipment

Set injection and robotisation parameters

Check the quality of parts in terms of appearance

Help improve processes

Prepare materials and restock machines

Keep the workshop clean and tidy

Maintain production rates

Respect production priorities

Perform 1st level maintenance (lubrication, cleaning, etc.)

Perform 2nd level maintenance

Create robot programmes

Produce mould files

Ensure the smooth running of the team

Relay information to other operators and management

Ensure that instructions are properly passed on


Skills: leading and coordinating a team; supplying a machine with raw materials or products; communicating orally in a professional environment; communicating appropriately in writing; checking safety systems; carrying out first-level maintenance on tools and equipment; maintaining equipment, a machine or a facility; identifying, diagnosing and dealing with an anomaly, a malfunction or a risk and assessing the urgency of an internal and/or external intervention; start up production; implement technical processes and operating procedures; assemble and adjust an installation or machine; assemble a mould or tool on an item of equipment; organise or supervise manufacturing phases; configure software, a tool or a digital system; fill in and update activity monitoring tools (production management charts, incident reports, quality, etc. .); fine-tuning production machines and tools; passing on techniques and know-how; using and adjusting mechanical, metallurgical or plastics processing machines or equipment; checking the conformity of the first parts produced with a view to launching production and adjusting as necessary; drawing up production and incident reports.

Personal skills: curiosity; self-reliance; thoroughness and precision


Experience required: 2 years

Diploma: Bac+2 or equivalent; Bac or equivalent in plastics processing

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